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Distant healing

An advanced form of Bioenergy Healing

In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Distant Healing (Long Distant Healing, Absent Healing or Remote Healing) is a method of Bioenergy Healing at any long distance. Energy is not restricted to any time or location. In Distant Healing, energy is controlled and can be guided by the mind. Distant Healing can be also named mental healing because it is performed mentally with the energy use, control or transfer.

Bioenergy Healing is performed at a close distance when a healee is present, and the healing is mostly done with the energy of the hands, whereas Distant Healing is the healing performed mentally when a healee is not present. In the world of energy, it is possible to control and transmit healing energies or relieve any energetic imbalances over any distance. Distant Healing can be even more effective than Bioenergy Healing performed at a close distance when performed using special techniques and methods.


Natural born bioenergy healer

Miki Cvetkovic is a gifted natural born bioenergy healer with more than 30 years of experience. He uses his natural ability to treat a wide range of health problems with a great success. His extremely high bioenergy level allows him to work with some health problems other bioenergy practitioners can not!

“Bioenergy he possesses is so powerful that he can even melt gallbladder or kidney stones with it!”

“Under the influence of such intense bioenergy, new blood vessels are being formed in areas affected by gangrene.”

... thanks to this fact his experience and success in treating many different health problems are unique in the world!



In case You are interested and willing to try Distant Healing sessions with Miki, You will get a free skype consultation.

Almost all Online/Distant Healing sessions are by Skype. Distant Healing sessions can also be done using recent photographs. Miki successfully treats a wide range of health problems and illnesses, so if You are interested in Distant Healing, ask Miki about Your health problem.

Price is 40€ per session

Beside medical purposes, Distant Healing treatment can be performed: in the purpose of a wellbeing, after a hard day at work, stress and busy lifestyle, for speeding up recoveries after sports injuries or for healing pets.

Distant Healing sessions are also recommended for preventive reasons or simply due to exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

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